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Why Having a Career Coach in London Has Become Popular

Would a Career Coach Benefit Your Career? If you took up a new sport or wanted to take your game to a new level, you would, no doubt, consider using a coach. More and more people these days, especially in London, are taking on a career coach to improve their career prospects. They have realised […]

Seven steps to finding a new job

In an increasingly ‘connected’ world, finding the right job is about ensuring that you are exploring all available avenues. At the end of 2011, 22% of UK employees said they were going to look for a new role in 2012 (Source: Reed 2012 Salary and Market Insight report) and, with thousands of school leavers and […]

Looking for Christmas Work

Offers advice on finding Christmas jobs, how and where to look for seasonal work. If you’re looking for temporary work, Christmas can present a good opportunity for getting a job. These are usually temporary but they can provide a good injection of cash at a much needed time. In some cases, you may even be […]

Employers – finding work

Finding work vacancies directly with employers. Choosing your employer can be a good way to find work. You will already have an interest in the company and a desire to work there which can impress many employers. You can approach employers directly by sending speculative letters or CVs which will show them that you are […]

Apprenticeships Advice

Apprenticeships Advice How apprenticeships can be a useful way of training for a job if you like to earn whilst you learn. If you’re the kind of person that would like to learn on the job and get paid a wage, it might be worth considering an apprenticeship. This way of learning and earning is […]

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