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Common Questions at Interview

The most common interview questions – what to expect to be asked at interview and how to prepare for it. It’s difficult to anticipate what you’re going to be asked at interview but there are some common questions that are often asked. It’s a good idea to prepare your response to the following. If you […]

Getting the job interview

Useful advice for getting a job interview and tips on making first impression count. Information on job applications and advice on when you don’t make it to interview stage. Making an impression It’s important in today’s job market to make a good impression, so take your time in compiling an impressive CV (Curriculum Vitae). Highlight […]

Tips for Interview day

Helpful tips for a successful interview day. Information and advice on how to be prepared and impress your prospective employer. Interview day You’ve made it through to the interview stage, the real test that will help an employer decide if you are right for the job. Here are some obvious but important things to remember […]

Seven steps to finding a new job

In an increasingly ‘connected’ world, finding the right job is about ensuring that you are exploring all available avenues. At the end of 2011, 22% of UK employees said they were going to look for a new role in 2012 (Source: Reed 2012 Salary and Market Insight report) and, with thousands of school leavers and […]


Agencies usually help employers find suitable people for their vacancies. An employer may go to an agency with their requirements and it will be up to the agency to find the right person for the job. They can help you to find temporary or permanent work. There are advantages to going to an agency. If […]

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