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Jobcentre plus

Jobcentre plus is a government based service which is offered throughout the UK. They can help with finding work and a number of related issues. They are able to help people with a number of issues including; vacancies, training schemes, benefits and help with applying for jobs. Jobcentres can be a good way of finding […]

Apprenticeships Advice

Apprenticeships Advice How apprenticeships can be a useful way of training for a job if you like to earn whilst you learn. If you’re the kind of person that would like to learn on the job and get paid a wage, it might be worth considering an apprenticeship. This way of learning and earning is […]

Getting Advice For Careers

If choosing a job is a difficult decision for you consider using an adviser or career coach to help you. They can offer you a range of services such as a careers interview, web-based support and telephone help. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may wish to use the following services: Careers library/information services You […]

Post exam results and employment

Post-exam results and employment Advice on what to do after exams and finding work. Many people are getting their exam results this summer and deciding what to do next can be daunting, particularly in a climate where jobs are getting fewer and competition for them is getting tougher. Deciding what to do will be dependent […]

Your Skills

Your Skills All your work and employment experience will have given you a set of skills that you cannot measure in the same way as qualifications but they are very valuable to a prospective employer. These can include negotiating, listening, networking, public speaking…the list goes on! You need to sell yourself to an employer and […]

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