Do you want to change career?

Do you want to change career?

change career

Do you really want to change career or are you just bored or stuck in a rut? If this is the case, maybe there are other things you could do first in your current job, such as taking on new/different responsibilities. You could ask your employer about job rotation and see if this is possible. Talk to your employer and see where there is potential for change, they maybe keen to keep you and bring in ways to increase your job satisfaction. Bringing in variety or a change of responsibilities could be enough to spice up your current job!

Ask yourself why?

Assuming you do really want to change career, ask yourself why do you want to change your career? Are you just fed up in your current job or do you have a burning passion for a particular job? Is there something that you have always wanted to do? You know yourself best and what makes you happy.

Issues to consider

If you’re thinking of changing career, then there are a number of things to consider:

• Can you afford to change career? Does the new industry pay the same, more or less?

• Do you need any re-training to get into your new work area?

• What opportunities are available to you?

• Have you got experience in your new job area?

There are lots of organisations that can provide advice on making a career change. You may want to consult an adviser or a career coach.