Support resources for Career Change

What factors to consider when thinking of a career change with links to useful websites.

career change plan

If you have made the decision to change your career, here are some useful resources to help you prepare for your change in career direction. Don’t forget to look at our other articles on Your ‘Changing Career’ Plan and ‘Do you want to change career?’

Help and advice

Find out more about the new career you want to pursue. A good place to look at different careers or industry sectors is the National Careers Service website. This allows you to research different jobs and areas (e.g. construction) to find out more about what you want to do.


You may want to work on a voluntary basis before embarking on a brand new career. This can be a good way to ‘test’ out a job. See the websites below for more information on volunteering.

Government’s website page on Volunteering

The UK Volunteering and Learning Charity

Re-training for a job

If you’re entering a new job area you may need to consider your skills set and training needs and whether you will require re-training for your new career. Here are resources to help you:

Retraining and further education at Armchair Advice

The government’s website provides information on training and learning for work

Training for a job

Setting up your own business

If your career change includes setting up your own business and becoming your own boss, you should get more information from the following articles:

Starting your own business

The Prince’s Trust

Business Link – Starting up my new business

HM Revenue & Customs: Starting a business
Guidance and information on tax and national insurance purposes when you start up a business as a self-employed person, a partnership or a limited company.