Your ‘Changing Career’ Plan

career change plan

Here are some tips on how to start planning your change of career and issues to be aware of:

1.Get experience

Before you hand your notice in and run off to be in your dream job why not get some experience first? Doing voluntary or unpaid work will give you the benefit of assessing whether you really want to do it. This isn’t essential but you may want to play it safe before you make the leap into the unknown.

2. Research your role

Find out as much as you can before you make your decision. Talk to people already working in the area you’re interested in. They can give you a real perspective on what the job really involves. You may find out things that you don’t like and it’s better to find out soon rather than later.

3. Plan it!

Draw up a plan of how you are going to make your change of career. This doesn’t have to be too complicated but it helps you sort out what you need to do. If training or re-skilling is required, they could take time and financial implications to consider. Are there opportunities or vacancies in your new career field?Writing it down can help you get things clear in your head.

Go for it

If you’ve considered all the issues and you are still ready for a career change – go for it! You will read about numerous people who have made the break from their career and have not regretted it. If you’re desire for change is strong enough you will make it work. And never trying something can also have its own regrets. Have a look in the Resource section for links to relevant sites that can help you in your career journey.