Why Having a Career Coach in London Has Become Popular

Would a Career Coach Benefit Your Career?

If you took up a new sport or wanted to take your game to a new level, you would, no doubt, consider using a coach. More and more people these days, especially in London, are taking on a career coach to improve their career prospects. They have realised that they can really “up their game” at work with the professional advice of someone, like Sarah Berry, who can shine a different perspective on their career and develop techniques to help in all sorts of situations.

Career challenges presented to career change coaches can include anything from finding a new job to a complete change in career direction. Some people choose to work with a career coach upon leaving College or University and develop all-important life and career skills. However, the majority of people who hire a career coach tend to by mind-career.

Career Interview Coach

Professionals commonly look for someone to help them master their interview and presentation technique. With advances in technology, a career interview coach can work via Skype saving valuable time. Practice can take place right up to the day of the real interview and also be arranged between the first and second interviews. Receiving unbiased and constructive advice can make the difference to getting a job and missing out.

Mid-Career Change

Another common request is for people who are wanting to change career path and try something different. Very often people wonder whether there is something more to work. They begin to consider the idea of a change in profession. Many people, with the help of a coach choose to “go it alone” and start there own business or consultancy. Experienced career coaches can not only help with employment matters but also with the challenges of setting up and establishing oneself as a self-employed person.