Getting the job interview

Useful advice for getting a job interview and tips on making first impression count. Information on job applications and advice on when you don’t make it to interview stage.

Making an impression

It’s important in today’s job market to make a good impression, so take your time in compiling an impressive CV (Curriculum Vitae). Highlight your good points e.g. if you have lots of experience to offer then move this higher up the list of your qualities and skills. Focus on the positive work experiences you have had and what skills you have gained. Further tips on putting together a CV can be found at in the Resources section.

Job applications

These days you can post your CV online or apply via email but do remember to take care and follow instruction carefully. One of the things that the majority of employers are looking for is whether you actually pay attention to what is asked of you. In other words, if they ask for a CV and a covering letter, send them just that and not a 6 page essay on why they should give you the job. Take your time and make sure you match your skills and experience up to the requirements of the job you’re applying for. Investing time and effort at this stage can make the difference in whether you are successful in securing an interview.

No interviews? Get feedback

If you have applied for lots of jobs and are not even getting to the interview stage then getting some feedback can be really useful and constructive. Contact your interviewer and ask for some feedback on your application. Employers usually don’t mind providing this feedback, it shows them that you want to improve yourself for your next interview.  Ask them if there was there an obvious reason why you didn’t get selected for interview? Were you missing any of the essential requirements for the job? Or are you making simple mistakes? For example, does your application have lots of spelling mistakes? (this can be easily rectified with a spellchecker or dictionary!) It might also be useful to run your job application past a good friend and get their honest opinion. Finding out your barriers to interview will help you go forward and improve your next application.