Your Skills

training and skills

All your work and employment experience will have given you a set of skills that you cannot measure in the same way as qualifications but they are very valuable to a prospective employer. These can include negotiating, listening, networking, public speaking…the list goes on! You need to sell yourself to an employer and highlight the skills you can offer to the job.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Don’t just think about skills you have developed at work but any that you may have gained in education or through a hobby – they all count! Think carefully about the things you are good at and write a list of your skills. This will help you when it comes to filling out those all important job applications.

Research the industry/organisation you are applying to and read up on the latest news and developments. Most news articles can be found on the Internet or consult specialist magazines. When you get to interview stage a good awareness of what is going on in their industry will be impressive and show that you are serious about getting the job.

In addition to your working experience, consider your experience in other areas, whether this has been helping out at a village fete or taking part in a local community group, they all contribute to the experiences you can offer.

Further help with Skills and Training

Have a look at the Learn Direct website. They help people get new skills and work towards nationally recognised qualifications.