Agencies usually help employers find suitable people for their vacancies. An employer may go to an agency with their requirements and it will be up to the agency to find the right person for the job. They can help you to find temporary or permanent work. There are advantages to going to an agency. If you choose the right agency they can often have contacts in the right field of work for you eg. if you’re looking to work in media or design. They may also offer help with your CV, discuss what you’re looking for and help to set up interviews. Many employers use agencies to get the right candidate for the job quickly. If you get a job through an agency, It’s important to find out if you will be paid by the agency or the company hiring you as this will affect your employment rights. More information about his can be found on the government’s website. Using an agency can be useful in finding you immediate work and short-term contracts. More specialist recruitment agencies can also find you long-term jobs in industry sectors.