Apprenticeships Advice

Apprenticeships Advice

How apprenticeships can be a useful way of training for a job if you like to earn whilst you learn.


If you’re the kind of person that would like to learn on the job and get paid a wage, it might be worth considering an apprenticeship. This way of learning and earning is usually a good option for young people who have yet to gain that valuable experience. The starting salary can be low but if you view as a long-term strategy to achieving your trade/skill, you can expect to earn more in the future.

There are many opportunties available in a wide range of industry sectors that will help you develop the necessary knowledge and skills. Completing certain apprenticeships can also help you gain a recognised qualification. They can take up to four years to complete so its important to consider whether you can make that commitment. An apprenticeship can help with those first steps into a career and will provide a good basis for finding further work after completion.

To find out whether an apprenticeship would suit you, find out more from the government’s website about apprenticeships and also a dedicated website at