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Come and sit on the Careers Couch, this is where we listen to your career issues. If you have concerns about your career you can email us directly. We do receive a lot of enquiries and can only provide general information for a selection  – please read our disclaimer.

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Who’s on the Couch today?

Q I’ve been working in a hotel for many years as a cleaner and want to get out of it, I’m thinking of doing something in nursing but I’m not sure how to go about it?
A You don’t say which area of nursing you are interested in but a good place to start would be to look at the nursing careers available in the NHS. These will give you some ideas such as school nurse, healthcare assistant, midwifery and they also provide some information on your options.
Q I was in the army for about 7 years and since leaving it I’m finding it hard to find something that I want to do as well as getting used to a different life – what’s the best way to go about things?
You’ll be pleased to hear there are a number of organisations that support the resettlement of ex-forces and military people. It can be a difficult period of adjustment. Have a look at: The MOD provide a ‘Back to Civvy Street’ resettlement package designed to help with settling back in and can help you to look at your options. BRFS provides resettlement services to the forces to help them find employment opportunities.

Q I’ve just graduated with a degree in English and I’m not sure what to do now. I really enjoyed learning the subject but I’m not sure which career it can be most beneficial for? Do you have any suggestions?

A Many students enjoy their degree courses and for some they have a clear career path on what they want to do at the end of it. It’s great that you have completed your degree and I appreciate that it may seem confusing as to how it can help you get a job. The beauty of the subject you graduated in, English, is that it is useful for so many careers. You could consider careers in teaching, journalism, media, marketing…the list goes on. To help you narrow down your search you could try listing your skills and what interests you. This will give you a better understanding of what you want from a job. For a more in-depth discussion on your situation you should contact your university’s careers department who usually provide help and advice for graduates.