Employers – finding work

Finding work vacancies directly with employers.

Choosing your employer can be a good way to find work. You will already have an interest in the company and a desire to work there which can impress many employers. You can approach employers directly by sending speculative letters or CVs which will show them that you are eager and pro-active. You should try and personalise each letter and demonstrate an understanding of their business. Also, focus on what you have to offer, the skills and experience you can offer them. Try to think what they would be looking for if they do need to fill a post. What is the ethos of the company? Show how you can fit in and be a valuable addition to their staff. Even if they don’t have any immediate vacancies you can ask them to keep you on file for future reference.

Local employers

It’s also worth looking at employers in your local area and see if they have any vacancies advertised on their websites/local vacancy boards, you could give them a speculative call or send an email. You should also be registered with your local Job centre as they will have details of local vacancies. It’s often about being in the right place at the right time.

Online employers

Look at online employers and whether they are recruiting. There are many employers who only advertise their vacancies online whether it’s on their company website or on a vacancy website, you can apply directly online or post your CV to them. Have a look at the major online job websites: