Getting Advice For Careers

If choosing a job is a difficult decision for you consider using an adviser or career coach to help you. They can offer you a range of services such as a careers interview, web-based support and telephone help. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may wish to use the following services:

Careers library/information services

You may want to visit your local careers library and get more information on different job areas before you decide on the right job for you. You can also contact nextstep services for direct help.

Careers Consultant/Life Coach

Another option could be to arrange an interview with a Careers Consultant or a Life Coach  to discuss your individual needs. These services can incur a fee so it’s best weigh up what’s most suitable for you. For further information on where to find a registered guidance practitioner have a look at the list held by the Institute of Career Guidance.

Jobcentre Plus

Although Jobcentres do provide information on immediate vacancies they can also offer practical advice on issues that affect your job seeking. This can include advice on benefits, childcare, self-employment, training courses and voluntary work. There are Jobcentres all over the country with a website for online help.

Online Support

There are a wide range of websites that offer more than links to vacancies. Making use of these and the networking sites that are available can provide you with valuable advice.

Next Step – this is the government’s free service for young people and adults. The new national careers service will be operational from April 2012.

LinkedIn – a professional networking website which helps to network with others and allows you to promote your experience and skills.

Industry specific websites – if you want advice in a specific industry there will usually be association website or recruitment services that you can sign up to directly depending on the sector you’re interested in.

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