Looking for Christmas Work

Offers advice on finding Christmas jobs, how and where to look for seasonal work.

If you’re looking for temporary work, Christmas can present a good opportunity for getting a job. These are usually temporary but they can provide a good injection of cash at a much needed time. In some cases, you may even be offered long-term employment. The work areas that usually need extra staff at Christmas incude:

Retail – shops get so busy at Christmas so start offering your services now. Drop your CV or details in to the Personnel Department.

Hospitality – restaurants, hotels, caterers will all be very busy at this time of year. It might even give you the opportunity to work in a place that you would like achieve long-term employment.

Entertainment – places of leisure and entertainment may be looking for extra staff. Look at for vacancies at places such as pubs, cinemas, bowling alleys, christmas venues used for office parties, DJs etc.

Postal services – the Royal Mail will undoubtedly be very busy at this time of year. Consider whether you would like to offer your services with all the Christmas post!

Getting the job

It always pays to be proactive when seeking work. Have your contact details and work experience ready to hand to a member of staff in the Personnel Department. You might want to let them know what your availability is, whether you are prepared to do extra work shifts, your flexibility and when you are happy to start.

Benefits of Christmas work

Valuable experience

Even if its a temporary job, it can provide you with valuable work experience that you can now add to your CV for future reference.

Skills developments

You may develop skills that you previously didn’t have, this will impress future employers which can help a great deal in today’s competitive job market.

Financial perks

As well as getting a welcomed boost of cash, you will also be eligible for sick pay and holiday allowance even as a temporary employee.

Future prospects

What starts as a temporary job may lead to a long-term opportunity. It opens up avenues for networking and meeting employers. It’s an opportunity to impress and get the most from the experience.

Start looking for Christmas jobs now

Here are a few places you can start searching for Christmas work now. Make the most of the opportunity and if it doesn’t work out long-term, consider it good experience that will help you decide what you do want in the future.