Tips for Interview day

Helpful tips for a successful interview day. Information and advice on how to be prepared and impress your prospective employer.

Interview day

You’ve made it through to the interview stage, the real test that will help an employer decide if you are right for the job. Here are some obvious but important things to remember on the day:

Be punctual!

Know when and where you are going, don’t leave anything to chance. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your interview. You won’t lose points for turning up early but you will lose them for turning up late!

Dress smart

There aren’t many jobs where casual clothes make an impression. Smart clothes say a lot about you and how serious you are about getting the job. Even if the organisation have a ‘casual clothes’ culture you shouldn’t adopt this too – you’re not part of the organisation YET.

Be prepared

Do your homework before the interview. Get familiar with the organisation through media and websites, find out as much as you can. This will show your interest and eagerness. If they are in a particular industry, check out the latest news on what’s happening – preparation will impress them and you will feel more confident if you are equipped with as much information as possible.

Questions after interview

If you’re asked tricky questions then take your time before answering, this will give you time to think. Also, it can be good to ask questions if offered the opportunity but make sure they are the right questions, not questions like, how long do I get for lunch? Or do you offer good holidays? Ask questions about the company that show you would like to be part of it, for example, What’s the company’s culture or philosophy? What training opportunities are available?

At the end of your interview

Finish your interview with a positive smile and a confident handshake (if appropriate) and don’t beat yourself up afterwards about what you should have said. You’ve got through it to the best of your ability and most employers understand that interviewees can get nervous. Many employers may have several interview stages that can help applicants get more familiar with the organisation. Try to remain positive and learn from each interview experience. If you are unsuccessful, then ask your interviewers for feedback on your interview performance. It might just give you an advantage when you approach your next one!