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Looking for Christmas Work

Offers advice on finding Christmas jobs, how and where to look for seasonal work. If you’re looking for temporary work, Christmas can present a good opportunity for getting a job. These are usually temporary but they can provide a good injection of cash at a much needed time. In some cases, you may even be […]

Employers – finding work

Finding work vacancies directly with employers. Choosing your employer can be a good way to find work. You will already have an interest in the company and a desire to work there which can impress many employers. You can approach employers directly by sending speculative letters or CVs which will show them that you are […]


Agencies usually help employers find suitable people for their vacancies. An employer may go to an agency with their requirements and it will be up to the agency to find the right person for the job. They can help you to find temporary or permanent work. There are advantages to going to an agency. If […]

Jobcentre plus

Jobcentre plus is a government based service which is offered throughout the UK. They can help with finding work and a number of related issues. They are able to help people with a number of issues including; vacancies, training schemes, benefits and help with applying for jobs. Jobcentres can be a good way of finding […]

Apprenticeships Advice

Apprenticeships Advice How apprenticeships can be a useful way of training for a job if you like to earn whilst you learn. If you’re the kind of person that would like to learn on the job and get paid a wage, it might be worth considering an apprenticeship. This way of learning and earning is […]

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